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I’m in for the cause… my health!

I love the exercise journey together, but apart!  I want to be the healthiest I can be!  I’ve signed up for because I want my local hospital to be the best it can be!  And, I want my hospital to remain minutes from my door. 

This year, the Walk, Run, Pole for cardiac care hopes to buy the 7 needed replacement defibrillators located throughout the Health Centre.  There are 9 required in total, but last year’s event banked the money for 2!  As well as exercising through the month of May, I’m hoping to help buy important equipment for local cardiac care. 

I’m hoping you will join me.  Your pledge means we are getting closer to keeping hearts pumping!  

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Because we all deserve the best medical treatment!!

Thursday 29th Apr
Let’s do this!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tyler Kalbe

Pedal to the metal! Great job Mom


Faye Rochon

Ride safe and good luck!


Jason Kalbe

Cheering for you all the way!


Kowalski Family

WOW, literally taking it one step further from fighting on the Front lines amidst a pandemic to fighting on your own time 🙌🏼 Hats off to you Monique and your team, truly an amazing and special group! (P.S- Go Auntie Mo Go!!!! 🚴🏽)


Leigh Ann Yates

You got this, Mo! We are cheering you with a glass of wine in hand 😜.



Great Job!!! You go girl!!!!!


Trecia Harley

Way to go Monique! Luv ya! T & C :)



Go Monigue go!



Way to go Monique


Allan Rochon

Proud of you!


Lori Nicholson



Rob Darlington

Cheering you on from the west!!


Sandra Tebby

Thanks for your dedication and hard work. . . on and off the job! xoxo


Claude Morin


Sharon Beasley


Monique Kalbe


Megan Rochon

Way to Monq!! We support you every step or cycle


Tricia Bradey

Way to go Monique! Keep going girl!! XO


Emily Kalbe

go mom! go mom!🤩


Tamara Bier

You go girl!! Proud of u!


Jennifer Nicholas

You go girl!!!


F Blake

Way to go Niquer



Love from Alberta!!


Blake Jean


Robin Tebbutt

Good luck Monique. !


Barb & Wendy