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I’m in for the cause… my health!

This year, our team of rehab and diabetes education professionals are going to “walk the walk”! Our incredible team spends our days helping others set and achieve their goals - now we need your help to achieve ours! 

Individually, we will be setting personal goals and working to achieve them both for our wellness and that of our heath centre. I have personally pledged to walk no less than 300,000 steps in the month of May.

This year, the Walk, Run, Pole for cardiac care hopes to buy the 7 needed replacement defibrillators located throughout the Health Centre.  There are 9 required in total, but last year’s event banked the money for 2!  It is SO important to be able to offer high quality care close to home; it saves lives.

I’m hoping you will join me.  Your pledge means we are getting closer to keeping hearts pumping!  

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Day 13

Friday 14th May
No selfie today because my step goal was met while running around the hospital and was followed by me assuming a spot on the couch with little further movement once home. Up and down many stairs, running from unit to unit and down the up/hill to our ambulance base… On May 13th I had the privilege to organize and supervise the administration of vaccines to patients awaiting LTC (second doses) and anyone over 40 who had not yet received a first dose at the WPSHC. It was such an inspiring experience to see how many people in our small community are committed to helping others. I had housekeepers stop me to advocate for patients they bonded with while doing their work, familles and neighbours call to see if we had vaccines for their loved ones and help from pharmacy, electronic health records, occupational health, nursing, long term care and community paramedicine teams to make this happen. It truly takes a community to end a pandemic! This one is dedicated to the people of Parry Sound

Day 12

Wednesday 12th May
Today brought a run then family walk around town. Such a beautiful night and the company was wonderful. This one is dedicated to Vanessa Lyall, thank you for your donation!

Day 11

Tuesday 11th May
Sorry for the explicative but sometimes you need that “just right motivator” to tackle the challenges ahead. This one if for Anna George who is going to nail it!

Day 10

Monday 10th May
Tomorrow is cold with rain ans (gulp) snow. Made the most of the sun and took many relaxing walks outside for all the steps . This one is dedicated to Matt Simmons. Thank you for your support

Day 9

Monday 10th May
Today was a much needed day of rest and relaxation with the ones who make me a mom (plus my watch died so I have no idea how many steps I took 😬) This one is dedicated to them - I walk for donations but I care for and because of you 🥰

Day 8

Saturday 8th May
This one goes to my neighbours John Cochran and Sandra Ausma. I am so sorry I forgot to take a picture today! We moved out eldest into her new apartment at Queens University today and as I fall I to bed at 8pm This was the best I could do.

Day 7

Friday 7th May
Another awesome walk/bike to work inspired by this fundraiser and the generosity if my supporters. Thank you for your donation Erin Zapshalla!

Day 6

Thursday 6th May
Today I got off the treadmill and Owen and I enjoyed some fresh air and sunshine while getting our steps in. This in is dedicated to Robin Carriere. Thanks for your support!

Day 5

Wednesday 5th May
I went a little crazy and did TWO runs to make sure I got all those steps in. This one is dedicated to my “crazy” friend Stephanie-Lynn Fuoco. Thanks for your support!

Day 4

Tuesday 4th May
Day 4 is for David Tyrell. Another rainy day in Parry Sound meant another day on the treadmill - no way I would have done that without this challenge. Thank you so much for your support!

Day 3

Monday 3rd May
This sweaty selfie is curtesy of a session on the “dreadmill”. I did not want to do this today but so glad I did. This one is dedicated to Hugh Jass (aka Ross Tyrell the third). Some little brothers never fire up! 😂

Day 2

Sunday 2nd May
My running partner on day 2 - we needed a little cool down by Georgian Bay after 7k! Dedicated to Hugh Butté; thank you for your donation.

Day 1

Sunday 2nd May
My support/motivators for day 1 - Dedicated to Ross and Lise Tyrell; thank you for your donation.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ross Tyrell


Claude Larose

You made it


Peter Jones


Sharon Smith

You go girl!! Good luck ♥️


Lise Tyrell

Best of luck


Hugh Jass



Thank you Kerry for all that you're doing to raise funds for our hospital!


David Tyrell

Good on you!


Matt Simmons

Go sweaty!


Donna Foster


The O’tooles

Way to go Kerry! What a great challenge. Sending you lots of virtual motivation and cheers. xo


Suzanne Gusrafsson

Good luck


Sandra Ausma & John Cochrane

Go get em Kerry! We'll be cheering you on!



Wow! Wonderful goal! You go girl!


Alison Macdonald


Hugh Butte


Lise Fish


Gail Hutchinson

Way to go!


Marty Martelle


Amanda Thompson


Vanessa Lyall

You got this



Great job.


Sara Kowal

Love the heart shaped sweat


Julie Mceachern


Kerry Wootton


Shawn Mullen



Robin Carnovale


Carolyn Carey

Great job Kerry




Karen Sloan


Lori Priolo



Best of Luck!


Sandi Mcdonald

Thanks for inspiring us Kerry


Erin Zap


Stéphanie Moffat

You’re such a rockstar! 300000 steps?! Damn, girl!


Valerie Lemkay


Jen Nicholas

Thank you for "stepping" up for our community! WTG Kerry! :)


Robin Shaw Carriere